Why Choose An Acrylic Candy Box For Candies?

What Is Acrylic

Acrylic, also known as PMMA or organic glass. It is an important plastic polymer material that develops earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, prone dyeing, easy processing, beautiful appearance, and is widely used in the construction industry. There are many types of acrylic products, including acrylic boards, acrylic plastic particles, acrylic light boxes, acrylic bathtubs, acrylic artificial marble, acrylic resin, acrylic (latex) paint, acrylic adhesive and other products. The acrylic candy box we use is just one of them kind.

The Difference Between Acrylic Box And Plastic Box

  • Different Materials for Plastic Boxes and Acrylic Boxes

Acrylic is plexiglass, acrylic plate according to the production process can be divided into casting type and extrusion type, casting plate performance is better than extrusion type, but the price is more expensive, casting plate is mainly used for carving, decoration, and crafts production, extrusion type is usually used for advertising signs, lightbox, and other production. Plastic is a monomer as a raw material, through the addition of polycondensation or polycondensation reaction polymerization of polymer compounds, in fact, in simple terms, it is one of the synthetic resins, and the shape is similar to the natural resin in the pine resin, through chemical means synthetic products.

After understanding the materials of both of them, they are also very clear to use the candy box they manufactured. A plastic box is a storage container made of plastic, and an acrylic box is a storage container made of acrylic material. Compared with acrylic, plastic is softer, but its strength is relatively low. Ackli is a plastic material with high strength and high transparency, which is stronger than ordinary plastic.

Due to the high transparency of acrylic materials, the transparency of acrylic boxes is better than ordinary plastic boxes. And the surface of the acrylic material is smooth, the texture is better, and the workmanship is more fine. This is why acrylic boxes are more commonly used in display products.

  • The Price of Plastic Boxes and Acrylic Boxes is Different

Compared with plastic boxes, the price of acrylic boxes is higher. This is because acrylic production technology is more complicated and the price of the material itself is relatively high, so the pricing of acrylic boxes is slightly higher than that of plastic boxes. But in terms of quality, the performance of acrylic boxes is even better.

  • The Use of Plastic Boxes and Acrylic Boxes Is Different

The application scope of plastic boxes is very wide and can be used for various scenarios. The acrylic box is more suitable for the use of high-end display products or high-end display cabinets. Because the appearance of the acrylic box is more exquisite, when buying high-end products such as gifts, and jewelry, the use of acrylic boxes is more common.

In short, plastic boxes and acrylic boxes are two common storage containers. There are certain differences in materials, transparency, price, and use. Choosing different containers according to specific use scenarios can be more suitable for demand.

Advantages Of Acrylic Candy Box

Especially in recent years, Yakley has been continuously processed and used in various attitudes and shapes to be widely used in retail stores. You must know these advantages of the acrylic candy box!

High Transparency.

The acrylic candy box has good high transparency. The acrylic material itself is very transparent, the light transmittivity is more than 92%, the curved edge is smooth and the precision is high, The high-precision laser cutting machine can make the edge of the acrylic smooth and smooth without hurting the hand. After being made into a candy box, it is still very clear, has good toughness, is not easy to break, and is colorful. It not only has a good feel but also can decorate the surrounding environment to a considerable extent. After filling with candy, it can directly let customers see the appearance of the internal candy and attract customers’ attention. Whether it is displayed on the shelf or simply used as a container, it gives a feeling of high texture.

Sturdy And Durable

The acrylic candy box is sturdy and durable. Due to the high density of the material, it is not easy to bend or tilt in a load-bearing state. Therefore, the acrylic box made of acrylic materials has the characteristics of solid durability and long-term use. It can withstand a certain impact and the erosion of the external environment, which also means that the candy box is not easy to break. It can ensure that your candy is preserved and displayed for a longer time, reducing the loss of candy products, and improving the entire economic benefits.

Good Weather Resistance

The weather resistance of the acrylic candy box is also very good, and the adaptability to the natural environment is very strong. Even if it is irradiated with sunlight for a long time, the wind and rain will not change its performance. The anti-aging performance is good. Can be used with peace of mind.

At the same time, acrylic materials have high-temperature resistance and low-temperature resistance, and the made of candy boxes can resist extreme temperature changes within a certain range. This allows the acrylic candy box to be used under different seasons and environmental conditions, and it is not easy to be affected by temperature. Whether it is in the cold winter or hot summer, it can keep the predictable candy to maintain its original quality and taste and bring a consistent experience to consumers.


The acrylic candy box is very safe. Acrylic material is a non-toxic material, which can be directly exposed to food. Compared with some other traditional containers, the acrylic candy box does not contain any harmful substances and will not cause harm to human health. This makes the acrylic candy box a widely acceptable and trusted product.


Acrylic candy boxes can be recycled. Nowadays, the social protection awareness is very strong. The acrylic box has the characteristics of non-polluting, green, and environmental protection. It can be used to recycle resources through regeneration and reuse to reduce pollution to the environment. Compared with the packaging materials used by some traditional candy, acrylic materials have a lower environmental burden. This makes it a sustainable product that meets the needs of modern society for environmental protection products.

Customize Easy

Acrylic candy boxes support customization. Acrylic materials can be shaped by heating and cooling during the production process, which can be made into a candy box of various shapes and sizes. This allows the acrylic candy box to meet the needs of different customers and can produce diversified products. Merchants can also design and produce various unique shapes according to market demand and consumer preferences to improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of the product.

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