Why Use Wooden Barrel To Display Candy?

Nothing says “rustic” like a wooden barrel. Barrels are traditionally used for aging liquor, but there are limitless alternative applications for these country staples in retail display and decor. Every retail business, from supermarkets to snack groceries or confection stores, can incorporate wooden display barrels seamlessly into their merchandising and furnishing.

Using barrels in a liquor store just makes sense. Most of the highest-priced bottles come from liquor aged in barrels, so it’s logically appropriate to incorporate barrels into a feature display for liquor. Just why did it become a furniture used to display candies? How is the candy displayed in the wooden barrel that we usually hold the liquid in? Follow my lead, read on, and you’ll understand.

Vintage Appearance

First, imagine walking into a candy store and being greeted by rows of colorful candies paired with wooden barrels filled with the textures of trees. Now, close your eyes and think about the images that pop into your mind. Chances are, it’s a scene straight out of an old Western movie, with rustic buckets filled with mouth-watering candies.

This is because the barrel can bring a nostalgic charm to any environment, and perhaps you only need to see its circular appearance to understand that this combination is very classic and rustic. A barrel takes you back to a simpler time when the pace of life was slower and the candy store was a place of wonder and excitement. It’s a throwback to the days of handcrafting and authenticity. The candy store aims to do the same, introducing people into the environment of handmade candy through the display of wooden barrels used. So, using a wooden bucket to display candy is like pairing in a sweet tooth’s paradise.

Keep The Candy Fresh

Do you think it’s just the retro look? We can’t just rely on aesthetics. Using a wooden bucket to display candy is more complicated than meets the eye. You see, wooden barrels have some unique properties that make them perfect containers for displaying candy. First, the barrel is a good way to preserve the freshness and quality of the candy.

The wood used in these barrels has natural properties that help regulate humidity. I do not know if you have found that many shops that use wooden barrel displays, will be padded with a layer of membrane to separate the candy, to prevent the candy from melting and sticking to the wooden barrel for a long time.
This means that even if your favorite candies have been laid out and displayed for a while, they will stay fresh. Nobody wants to bite into a piece of stale candy, right? That’s what the barrel is for, to make your food tasty and ready to be eaten.

Avoid Melting Chocolate Candies

The barrel will not only keep your candy fresh, but it will also protect it from external factors like light and air. Sweets, especially those made with pleasant chocolate, are very sensitive to changes in light and temperature. By storing them in wooden barrels, you can protect them from harmful UV rays and help maintain their pleasant taste and texture.

Pleasure Of Displaying

After discussing the practical aspects of the barrel display, but let’s not forget the experience of buying candy. Think about it; When you approach a glass jar or plastic container, you can see all the candy at once, which is convenient and intuitive, but where’s the fun in that? Show it in a barrel, either on the top or inside of the barrel, where you need to reach in and feel. It’s like a scavenger hunt for your taste buds! You reach into the bucket, rubbing your hand against the smooth wood in search of the perfect candy. There is a sense of anticipation and excitement when you feel the different shapes and textures. You might find a hidden candy gem that you wouldn’t otherwise notice as another pleasure in candy, which is all about the sensory experience.

Convenient With Wheels

In addition to this, many barrel displays are designed with mobility in mind. You may find them bulky and difficult to move, but don’t worry, these barrels can also be equipped with wheels for easy moving and rearranging. So, when you want to display the candy in the store by area, you can easily push the bucket and arrange it in the way you want to display it.

Wooden Barrels Used For Other Food

Using wooden buckets to display other foods, such as milk or even freeze-dried milk, gives a farm-to-table feel. Whether you want people to dig their own peanuts or display fresh produce, all you need is a wooden bucket with a food-safe liner to protect your produce, and then let the bucket do the job of continuing the display. Seasonal fruits and other produce, such as apples, watermelons, and pumpkins, look great in a bucket. You can even add ice to a food-safe bucket to serve as a cooler for drinks. Or, a coffee shop that offers freshly ground beans using roasted beans may want to create a special aesthetic look for specialty coffee beans – storing loose beans in wooden barrels makes customers feel like they’re sourcing beans directly from the roastery.

Wooden barrel displays will create a charming general store effect in your establishment. General store displays take customers back to a time when life was simpler and more relaxed. Wooden kegs filled with nostalgic candy from the past will be sure to send customers down memory lane.

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